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Media, Merrill Lynch and free market corruption

June 16, 2011

Great interview from Tumeke.  If you missed it, check it out!

“I’ve seen the way the international media conglomerates work, I’ve seen the way they use their control of the media to support whichever side they choose to support in politics and I think that’s wrong. New Zealanders are entitled to get proper analysis and impartial reporting, too often we don’t get that in the media because the ownership of the media and level of income of those who run it align most media with one particular side in politics. I think that is wrong, so we don’t need that privatization, we do need a better standard of media analysis and investigative journalism than we are currently seeing.”

– Phil Goff, Leader of the Opposition


Goff talks media, Merrill Lynch and free market corruption with Martyn Bradbury  (plus a shit-load of other interesting stuff you’ll never find out from Fairfax)

The one-eyed Rightwing media are trying their best to paint this bloke as irrelevant, so that we don’t notice there is an alternative to their man, John Key.  There are some great questions and some very good answers here, and despite what Fairfax and co tell us, Goff could quite concievably be the next Prime Minister.   So, it’s probably worth taking a few minutes to see what he’s really about…


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