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Scoop’s Shelton agrees

June 12, 2011

The Dom Post’s unsuccessful search for a scandal”

Wellington writer for independent news site, Lindsay Shelton, has laid into The Dom Post for its appalling treatment of the Darren Hughes saga.

Just as has been asserted on this page, Shelton accuses the Dom of using unsubstantiated headlines and making “sex scandal allegations” without any evidence,  in their single-minded “search for a scandal”.

This comes as today’s Sunday Star Times continues it’s one-sided assault on Hughes and the Labour Party with yet another subjective angle keeping the story on page three of Fairfax’s unbalanced publications.

Meanwhile, over on page two, those nice guys in the National Party get an uninterupted, unalysed platform of propaganda to sell their unpopular extremist policies to the electorate.  Free from the restraints of balanced journalism, genuine questions, or Opposition comment, John Key gets one of those ‘down-to-earth bloke’ publicity pics of him smiling next to a sympathetically-spun version of some nasty policy.  Fairfax provide absolutely no balance to Key’s outrageous claim that “we’re not anti-union as a Government”, and essentially hand the story over to Key’s spin.


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