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One-eyed Dom’s astounding doublethink

June 11, 2011

Fairfax SO heavily biased, they attack Goff…for agreeing with them!

Amazing isn’t it?  The level of anti-Opposition bias is so deep within Fairfax Media that they condemn Labour leader Phil Goff for essentially agreeing with their point on Pharmac.  These anti-democratic publishes are so committed to promoting their mates in the National Party that they can’t say anything positive about Goff, even when they’ve devoted more than two pages to advocating for almost the exact point he’s been making.

After two pages of features plus a page two story highlighting the importance of Pharmac to New Zealanders, an editorial in the exact same edition claims: ‘Labour leader Phil Goff’s position that Pharmac is an “absolute bottom line and we should not be trading it away” is too extreme’. 

The editorial argues that it would take a very big carrot to allow US demands on Pharmac to be part of any free trade deal.  But, let’s be clear about this; no such carrot exists, and if New Zealand’s negotiators head into this without any bottom lines, we’re essentially saying our democracy is for sale. 

It’s been said that if one doesn’t stand for something, they’ll fall for anything.  So, Fairfax, what exactly would you call a bottom line when selling our rights and soveriegnty to the United States?  Or, do you simply not have one?!  Everything’s for sale for the right price huh…including your editorial independence, it seems.


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