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Dom helps Dipton double-dipper blame us for his bad policy

June 3, 2011

Let me get this straight…

 After almost three years of systematically engineering New Zealand’s economy in favour of only the most wealthy, and at a time when the middle classes are bent over a barrel like never before, Bill English blames us for not buying the assets we already own.

Ofcourse, Fairfax are as obliging as ever in giving the Finance Minister the page two lead to let us know that it’s out fault – not his – that the assets he’s planning on selling will end up in foriegn ownership.

So much for John Key’s “Kiwi mum and dad” investors. Two and half years of filtering the country’s wealth up to the corporates and the super-rich have left New Zealand’s mum and dads struggling to feed their families and pay their power bills, let along buy shares in assets they already own.

This is outrageous hypocrisy and barefaced doublethink, but instead of analysing or questioning it, the Dom gives virtually the whole story over to the Government’s spin, with only the final sentence from the Opposition providing any kind of balance.

If we can’t trust the media to ask questions for us, who can we trust?

Also today, publish another piece of cosy PR for our cuddly “everyday bloke” Prime Minister, then edit the comments to filter out a barrage of criticism.


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