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Message massaged out as Fairfax marginalise Opposition

May 29, 2011
The Labour Party’s trip to McGehan close was clearly a piece of staged politiking. But, you get that in politics, right?

So, why is it that, after two and a half years of having the most media managed government in the history of this country, today’s Sunday Star Times finally decided to notice that there are some politics involved in…erm…politics?

For two and half years Fairfax have conistently ignored the unprecedented level of PR, spin and blatant propaganda dished out by their mates in the National-led Government, but when the Opposition do it, it’s simply a “publicity stunt” and “an invasion for political gain”. While John Key enjoys stage-managed pictures of him looking presidential – smiling and waving and in control – poor old Phil Goff get’s a picture of someone fitting his microphone, just to emphasise that, yep, this is politics. But, using the politiking as the angle for the story here is nothing short of an attempt by this biased newspaper to distract from the message and marginalise the opposition.

I have absolutely no problem with the media dissecting politics. In fact, I’d love if they did it more often. Unfortunately, Fairfax only seem to pay attention to the politiking involved when they’re reporting on the Opposition, while the Government are permitted to push their message without questions or analysis. Consistency please, Fairfax!

To its credit, The Sunday Star Times has provided considerably more balance than the appallingly one-sided Dominion Post in the past few years, but with biased reporting like this, and a stable of columnists like Don Brash, Michael Laws and John Hartevelt, Fairfax’s Sunday title has most certainly raised it’s flag up the mast for election year. And, that flag is absolutely, undeniably, anti-democratically, a National shade of blue!


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